May 12, 2023


Whether you decide to create a culture or not, your business will default to one. As newer business owners and business expanders, you have the ability to start your business off right with a basic set of values and goals.

There are two parts to be successful in culture:

you must believe in your values and you must practice what you preach. You may have already noticed having been in the workforce that all things trickle down from leadership – good or bad. Good leaders don’t create followers, they create better copies of themselves. What does culture mean and why is it so important to have a positive one?


Every person’s worldview is shaped by upbringing and experience. In this worldview comes values and beliefs. In business, values are mixed with both personal and corporate values. Personal values may include leading by being a good example, wanting critical feedback, celebrating diversity, being honest, and so on. Corporate values include regularly affirming staff, always providing opportunity, sowing back into the company to provide a safe and healthy workplace, listening, making honest or wise business decisions, and others. Your values should reflect themselves in all aspects of your business. If you are true to them, then you employees will replicate those values down the line of leadership.


Many believe that making money is the primary goal of a business, but it’s more complex than that. True business growth comes from a positive culture. How many businesses have consistent costly turnover or an abundance of poor reviews that lead to closing their doors? They may have had a brilliant idea with great cash flow, but they had no support from their consumers and were unsuccessful in the end. Consumers want to feel heard and appreciated for their business. They also know when employees are not happy, which puts the entire company in a negative light. There is nothing better as a consumer than to know that the owner is thinking of you in their decisions and the employees are in support.


Reviews are not just a great marketing technique, they are there to give you feedback to help your business transform into something greater. Negative feedback from employees and consumers should be welcomed. If there are reports that do not align with the company culture, it’s time to do an audit of what needs to be changed. If there are trends in reviews, then the issue may be more serious and will need a quick response with a quick adjustment. Reviews also help you know that the company is on the right track. Ignoring or silencing those who want to give critical feedback is simply hurting new opportunities. 

It’s time to ask yourself: what culture do you want your business to have and how will you foster it? Make a list of values – both personal and corporate – when forming your business plan. Add it on to your business plan if you are already created one. Work with your partners, employees, and consumers to achieve a culture that will lead to long-term success and impact in your business.

By: Ashley Whitley WCWB