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WCWB provides women with the Coaching, Training, and Technical Assistance they need to build their dream business.

Washington Center for Women in Business is a program at the Center for Business and Innovation (CB&I), designed to provide women the coaching, training, and technical assistance to navigate the modern business world, in an open and supportive context.

As with all Women’s Business Centers, the WCWB seeks to “level the playing field” for women entrepreneurs. Women in business still face unique obstacles, and our goal is to connect hands-on expertise and lived experience with those who want to sharpen their edge in business through mentorship or education.

We want you to succeed in business.

Did you know? 99.9% of businesses in the United States are small businesses!

If you have a new idea for a small business or enterprise, we will support you from your idea’s first inception to its eventual expansion or diversification. We offer entrepreneurial training programs, workshops, one-on-one counseling, coaching and special events to women in all stages of business development.

Over the last year, we have also greatly expanded our ability to offer coaching and resources virtually and over the phone, which means we can work directly with people all across Washington State. 

Are you wondering if we can help you?

Just give us a call! We are an inclusive organization, which means we’re happy to help anyone starting a business or seeking to grow a small or medium-sized enterprise.

The WCWB is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) as well as through the CB&I. The WCWB is one of more than 100 SBA-affiliated Women’s Business Centers (WBC) in the country. WBCs are designed to educate, counsel and support women in the areas of business planning, finance, management, procurement, and marketing.

We are proud to be a member of the Association of Women’s Business Centers.

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge the land we are on today as the traditional territory of the Nisqually, Squaxin and Cowlitz Tribal nations, under the Treaty of Medicine Creek, signed in 1854. We also acknowledge the Tribal governments and their roles today in taking care of these lands.

Thank you for reviewing the resources available to you at the WCWB.  

Our team of professionals has spent considerable time and effort to create, augment, supplement and develop resources strategically created with you, the entrepreneur in mind. The WCWB, created in partnership with the SBA, is designed to provide energy, support and coaching that will place you, the small business in the midst of a bountiful entrepreneurial ecosystem. I encourage you to put our resources and network to work for you!

Michael Cade

Executive Director, Thurston Economic Development Center

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