Quick Startup: HER-Commerce Edition

Build and launch an online storefront on TheWMarketplace!

City of Olympia Quick Startup: HER Commerce is an e-commerce platform design program in partnership with TheWMarketplace.

Are you ready to make your dream a reality? Quick Start: HER-Commerce Edition is ready to launch your future. Learn business startup basics, design your brand, set up your Facebook Online Shop with Varial Web Development, AND set up an online shop in TheWMarketplace an e-commerce platform for women-owned businesses.

Quick Startup: HER-Commerce edition is available to all Women-Identified Owned businesses that have a product or service that can be sold online. Scholarship funding is currently available to all City of Olympia and Tumwater residents and/or City of Olympia and Tumwater Licensed Businesses.

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What to expect:

Quick Startup is a self-paced e-commerce training program. Approved applicants will be granted a $1500 scholarship that will cover the fees of their training and annual subscription to TheWMarketplace.

1. Complete training courses

  • Social Media for Small Businesses with Varial Web
  • Social Media Online Shops with Varial Web
  • TheWMarketplace Onboarding with Melissa McGuinness
  • TheWMarketplace Merchant Workshops with Melissa McGuinness

2. Set up your online store in TheWMarketplace

3. Celebrate!

Congratulations you now are selling online and watching your business grow! 

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