Intro to Business

This Startup training will provide you with the fundamentals of business success, planning, and next steps to turn your idea into reality.

You can do it, and we are here to help.

Are you thinking about starting a business or in the early stages of planning a new business? Intro to Business is a no-cost. low-commitment program designed to help you understand what makes a business successful, the basics of business planning, legal requirements, and the steps to take to turn your business idea into your future.

Starting a new business takes planning and a lot of knowledge. Intro to Business lays out the basics and more.

Intro Classes are held once a month live online through our partners at the Center for Business & Innovation at no cost to you. An on-demand version is also available here.

The Intro to Business Startup class is ideal for:

  • Those who have a new business idea but are not sure where to start.
  • Those who want to learn more about writing a business plan.
  • Those who want to learn more about what it takes to become an entrepreneur.
  • Those who want to learn the basics on funding a business.
  • Those who want to learn more about the Washington Center for Women in Business and the Center for Business & Innovation resources available for you!

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