As the owner of Thrive Nutrition in Lacey, a special “shout-out” to Thurston Co EDC and especially Robin Houde for her very patient, hand-holding, in helping us to navigate through the (sometimes confusing) application process. With her support we were able to qualify for a grant from the City of Lacey. Thank you as well to Kaylee Purcell for her help. I want to say that each and every time I called their hotline I was treated like a VIP!

Thrive Nutrition

I am so grateful for the assistance from WCWB for helping me to learn how to use QuickBooks for my bookkeeping. Beth Brown is a patient and knowledgeable coach and with her help I am learning how to set up my accounts in QuickBooks!  In two Zoom sessions we have gone over how to set up accounts, how to record deposits and expenses, how to reconcile accounts, invoicing and recording payments, and how to create financial statements and reports.

I already feel hopeful that I can do this and QuickBooks will totally simplify and improve my bookkeeping and will finally be able to move my accounting from spreadsheets into QuickBooks. My accountant is already cheering!

Thank you immensely for the support and help. I am growing food for our food bank, providing affordable housing, and my tiny business contributes to our local economy thru taxes, payroll, and purchases. It is a real gift to have a coach teaching me to utilize QuickBooks and I truly appreciate this amazing support and assistance!

Twine & Swift LLC

It was a pleasure working with Beth when I was starting my business. I was not sure where to start when it came to my financials and Beth was able to provide a lot of clarity. I hope to work with her again in the near future.


We opened our restaurant in the summer of 2020, and in addition to the typical obstacles of operating a new restaurant, the pandemic presented us with tremendous challenges.  The WCWB has been instrumental in providing us with coaching and resources throughout our journey as new business owners. 

Before we even approached lenders to find financing to open our business, we were able to sit down and speak with industry professionals both in the restaurant and banking world. They pointed us in the right direction to find banks that were willing/able to work with us, which is a significant challenge for startup restaurants.  They also helped us tailor our business plan to include all the necessary and relevant information that those financial institutions needed to give them enough confidence in our vision to approve a loan.  

Later in the year, restaurants were forced to close dining rooms across the country, and the impact on our revenue was immense. At that point, the WCWB provided assistance that we badly needed to find grants through the city and state governments, ultimately enabling our restaurant to survive the most difficult set of circumstances we could imagine. They even offered a hotline, where we could call and speak to people that were staying up to date with the ever changing rules, regulations, and resources.

When our first tax season came, it was a daunting prospect to try and navigate it without any prior experience dealing with taxes as business owners.  We then took advantage of a free coaching program, and through a series of meetings, were able to prepare our financial documents in a way that made it simple to submit them to an accountant. Going through that process also gave us insight into the cash flow of our restaurant, which is a skill that will continue to benefit us indefinitely.

Looking back on our first year in business, I don't know if we would have been able to make it through if it wasn't for all of the amazing support we received from the WCWB.  Everyone that we have corresponded with has been wonderful. Their encouragement, guidance, and services have set us on a path to success and sustainability as a business.  And almost unbelievably, we've never paid a single cent for all of the help they've given us. For anyone that is a prospective entrepreneur, or even if you've been in operation for a while, I can't think of a better way to become a more confident and capable business person.

Elise Landry & Adam Wagner

Thank you, WCWB, for the chance to give a big shout-out to the professional, knowledgeable, encouraging coaches who have helped create my solo-preneural journey.  I would not have wanted to walk this road without them.  They have been accessible and supportive during times when I have felt especially vulnerable; feeling like I should know all of this already.  They build me up with information, resources, expertise, and cheers to KEEP GOING.  

You have my gratitude, WCWB.  Your work empowers women in deeply impactful ways.  <3

Sherrie Homer

Thank you to everyone at the Washington Center for Women in Business (WCWB) for your invaluable help during my business start-up journey! WCWB's free business coaching provided by professionals in the accounting, legal, and marketing fields, to name a few, significantly helped me launch and grow my audiobook narration business, AutumnColors Productions, LLC!! WCWB also contributed to the creation of my beautiful, professionally designed business website through a generous grant. WCWB accounting coach, Beth Brown, shared how her own business took off when she met the one person who connected her with her first business clients and how the referrals keep coming. She encouraged me to be aware and open to when that one person appeared in my life. I am delighted to share I met that one person and wonderful doors continue to open! Thank you again to Beth, her fellow coaches, and the entire WCWB organization for helping make my vision a reality!

Kate K.