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The WCWB & TheWMarketplace Congratulate Quick Startup: HER-Commerce Graduates!

Congratulations to the graduates of our first ever Quick Startup: HER-Commerce Edition training! We are so thrilled and proud of each and every woman that completed the program and launched their new seller’s site on TheWMarketplace. 

The Quick Startup: HER-Commerce Edition is a training course made available in partnership with the Washington Center for Women in Business (WCWB) and TheWMarketplace. The goal is to support women entrepreneurs who have a product or service that can be sold online. 

Our first cohort was a success in many ways and wrapped up just 4 weeks after beginning. The courses move rapidly and are full of robust business support and education. The last week of the program is dedicated to launching the new sellers' sites. Each attendee has the opportunity to go live with a small group from the same cohort during launch week where they pitch their business and interact with the host. This is really exciting for everyone and a great opportunity for friends and family of the attendees to show their support. 

TheWMarketplace Business Development Manager, Colleen Butler has been an integral part in creating and implementing the Quick Startup: HER-Commerce program and she shares some of her experience of the first cohort: 

“It was our privilege to help these new women entrepreneurs launch their companies on the platform. And I was incredibly inspired by not only their personal diligence and dedication to their launches, but how supportive they were to one another. The entire cohort cheered each other on as they proceeded through the program. And that is what we are excited to provide women business owners at TheWMarketplace – not only a national sales channel with a low barrier to entry, but also a community where women entrepreneurs support and encourage each other to achieve their dreams.”

The WCWB is honoured to share this partnership with TheWMarketplace and look forward to supporting future cohorts.

Graduate, Kathy Anderson of KTA Studies shares her experience as an attendee: 
"Quick Startup: HER-Commerce Edition is an amazing program! In four short weeks I learned so much! This program helped me to better define my business and really understand my mission and vision.

In addition to the group meetings, I was given the opportunity to work one on one with skilled coaches in accounting, marketing, and branding. Everything was conducted with kindness and professionalism. The coaches were able to tailor the sessions to the needs of my business. What an invaluable resource! This preparation gave me the skills I needed to move forward, and culminated in my becoming a seller on the W Marketplace. In four weeks! That is incredible!

Another great aspect of this program is the connection with women in my cohort who were also launching their businesses. What a great way to build community and to support other women in business. I’ve also made some new friends in the process.

Thank you WCWB for affording me this opportunity. It’s a powerhouse of a program and I am honored to have been included in this cohort."

Check out KTA Studios on TheWMarketplace here!

Do you have a product or service that can be sold online? 

Apply for Quick Startup: HER-Commerce and join the revolution of women entrepreneurs changing the world! 

Fall session will begin September 27, 2021! 

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