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Redefining Self-Care and Prioritizing Your Wellness

September 29, 2022


3:00 - 4:00 pm


No Fee

As a woman business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Do you ever feel like you're constantly being pulled in different directions without the time and energy for it all? You're not alone. Join this interactive workshop to learn simple practical tips to redefine self-care and start prioritizing your wellness. Self-care is about taking care of and nourishing all parts of your mind and body. Give yourself permission to take a break so you can relax and recharge to live your best life with ease!

Dr. Cindy Tsai is an award-winning physician, bestselling author, TEDx speaker, mindfulness teacher and wellness/life coach who is committed to helping high-achievers live happier and healthier lives. Dr. Tsai earned BA and MS degrees from Johns Hopkins University and MD degree from Dartmouth. As a leader, physician, and patient herself, Dr. Tsai saw and experienced the impact of chronic stress on the body and was compelled to do more than prescribe medications as a bandaid. Through her own healing journey, she explored and trained in a wide range of solution-oriented therapeutic modalities and now emphasizes taking an integrative approach to wellness. As author of the bestselling self-help book, So Much Better: Life-Changing Strategies to Develop Calm, Confidence, and Curiosity to Become an Inspiring Success Story, she introduces a radical path to well-being, through creating the Inspiring Success Story MethodTM. This method offers clients a diverse range of mind-body-spirit techniques to expand the possibilities of achieving their dreams. Dr. Tsai has been nationally recognized, featured, and published in a range of media focused on wellness and healthy living. She is excited to share her expertise and passion to guide as many as possible in the journey of self-discovery to recognize the importance of self-care as a wellness practice to lead and enjoy a life of ease.


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