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Redesign Your Website For 2024!

February 6, 2024


1:00 - 3:00 pm


No Fee

When did you last look at your business’s website? Or perhaps you are still trying to develop one? Websites remain an incredibly popular destination for site traffic. When you add up all of the functions and ways they can work for and represent your business, nothing works harder online than a professional website.

It can also be daunting to create one with various tools and design suggestions floating around. In this workshop, we will cover recent trends in website design for businesses and other organizations. That will include the latest in content and design best practices and what tools you can use to create a site and why. But most importantly, we will cover the 10 key elements of website design that determine whether a website is just OK or great. We will also touch on submitting your site to Google for rankings and security and hosting considerations.

So, if you want to super-charge your website and make it an active resource for getting new customers, this workshop is for you!

Matt Cail started out in the world of message boards and web design. During five years as a Washington, D.C., consultant, he became knowledgeable about emergency communications and competition in the online video industry. He has worked in social media, search engine marketing, web design, and online advertising. Matt leads Super Charge Marketing is your one-stop social media firm for all of your social media marketing needs!


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