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Instagram for Business

November 14, 2023


9:00 - 11:00 am



A great Instagram feed reinforces your brand, supports your marketing message, helps you engage directly and sincerely with your customers, and attracts new, loyal followers! Are you ready to “Level Up” your Instagram for your business?

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  1. Create an effective bio on your Instagram profile
  2. Develop a focused Instagram marketing strategy
  3. Use apps that save you time and improve your Instagram feed
  4. Develop the two most important habits for Instagram marketing success
  5. Navigate the ethics of reposting
  6. Use hashtags, tagging, and more to grow and engage your following
  7. Outsource effectively when it’s time to delegate your Instagram marketing

This isn't about getting a huge number of followers (though that *could* be a result of the effort you put in). Rather, it’s about making sure your *brand* is consistent, that the *message* you’re putting out there on Instagram reinforces your brand, and that the *time* you spend on social media marketing is well-used. By the time we finish you’ll have better tools for making a powerful first impression with Instagram for your business!


This workshop is presented by SCORE Business Mentor, Rebecca West. Rebecca is an active business owner and has owned and operated her design firm Seriously Happy Homes since 2007. She has been mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs since 2012, and specifically enjoys helping solopreneurs and micro-business owners figure out their branding, develop creative and successful marketing, and build a team as they grow into being a company of more than one person. She is an enthusiastic mentor who is especially good at helping others translate diverse and unconventional backgrounds into a solid platform for success in what might seem like unrelated fields. See her LinkedIn profile for more information here.


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