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Establishing a Purpose-Driven Small Business

September 14, 2022


3:00 - 4:00 pm



Join Rational Unicorn Legal Services and presenters Kim Allchurch Flick of Mighty Epiphyte and Tom Hering of Benefit Corporations for Good for a discussion on:

  • What B-Corps & Benefit Companies mean
  • How companies form as purpose driven
  • How to improve values and focus on impacts to become increasingly purpose driven
  • Difference between making claims and actual documented, reported impacts
  • What basis, i.e. UN SDGs, other guide posts
  • To certify or not to certify?
  • Nielsen study - 60% (+-) will pay more for products or services by purpose driven companies
  • Consumers in greater numbers are recoiling from companies who make claims and don’t have transparency “green washing”

Who should attend this class? Business owners at all stages of operation or prior to formation.

If you have specific questions or topics of inquiry you'd like to submit prior to the class please use this form!

Presenters: Kim Allchurch Flick of Mighty Epiphyte is a mighty advocate for social impacts through business, people, planet, profit. Mighty Epiphyte is a Certified Benefit Company for Good, B Corp certified company + 1% for the Planet. She is an advocate of aspiring social impact entrepreneurs by providing resources and information they need to succeed. Kim in an expertise in B Lab Assessments for B Corp Certification and Benefit corporations for Good BCFG assessment.

Tom Hering Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Benefit Corporations for Good. Tom’s work is focused on growing the benefit corporation community in Oregon and throughout North America. When he and Mary Anne Harmer launched Benefit Corporations for Good in 2018, they both realized the positive impact small businesses could have on their employees, their communities and their planet through commitment to a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Today, the certified Benefit Corporations for Good stamp can be seen in the states of Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Connecticut, Virginia and in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Cost: Community Pricing $5, $10, $20 (For our webinars, we use “pay what you can” pricing to be accessible to the community.)


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