Ann Allen

There’s a whole bunch of misinformation out in the world, and unfortunately, that includes Grief and Loss. So many people are in so much pain, and sadly many die in their grief, because they’re unable or don’t know how to express it in a way that's safe for them, and thus, never heal from it. Being an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist for over 16 years now, Ann sees the need not only to heal grief and loss, but to bring education and new perspectives around what they really are, how they impact our lives and most importantly, that it is a normal and natural part of life.

Pain pushes us into a corner where we often think there’s no way out. It’s a very, very lonely place to be with your back up against the wall, and your only companions being overwhelming emotions that can scare us beyond belief. We can stay stuck in our “story” and come to believe it’s our “life”. Unresolved grief results in a life that’s half-lived. Ann specializes in helping professional men and women get their life back after loss; even from decades ago. She gets them out of that corner, and back into living the life they want, without the pain of grief as their constant companion.

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