Kathryn Annis

Kathryn Annis, a powerful force in mental health and wellness, passionately leads The Dawning Institute LLC as its Owner & Founder. Her journey, marked by persistence, resilience and transformation, speaks to the indomitable pursuit of purpose. As a Certified Peer Counselor, Kathryn seamlessly weaves professional expertise with her personal triumph over adversity, evolving from victim, to survivor, and ultimately, a fierce advocate and warrior. She has found her calling in this life weaving the dense tapestry of pain into a catalyst for innovation. She empowers others on their healing paths, delivering a message of hope and resilience. Through compelling speaking engagements, she sheds light on crucial topics, sparking positive personal and societal transformation. Kathryn's story is an inspiration, exemplifying strength through turning the impossible into tangible possibility; a beacon guiding us towards a brighter, more compassionate future in mental health healing.

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