Dr. Jen Thomas

Dr. Jen Thomas is the owner of Chameleon O'Clock. She is deeply rooted in her Asian American background. Her spouse recently retired from serving 24 years in the military and she has five children (biological and adopted). Her family has lived in 8 states and experienced several moves, deployments and separations through their military journey. She has been a nurse for over 22 years and took a non-traditional route to achieve her PhD in Nursing. She has experience working and serving in both the private and public sectors as a clinical nurse, nurse educator, professor, program manager, subject matter expert, manager, author and researcher. Through all of these collective experiences, she has decided to put my her full effort and attention towards coaching others through their own life journey and consulting with businesses to identify how their everyday work environment impacts the well-being of their employees. You can order her new book at chameleonoclock.com.

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