Jaya Mallik

An experienced DEIB practitioner and educator, Jaya Mallik centers her practice on community engagement, data-informed insights, and empowering others to lead and innovate. She is especially passionate about ensuring equal access and opportunities for women of color and other underrepresented identities. Prior to launching Jaya Mallik Coaching & Consulting, Jaya led DEI efforts at Meta, Amazon, and Tandem Diabetes Care with a focus on the tech industry. As an expert in Learning & Development and K-12 education, Jaya is well-versed in teaching complex concepts to diverse audiences to ensure comprehension, connection, and action. Jaya believes in a modern education for everyone — free from perfectionism, shame, or blame. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two children, partner, and dogs exploring the outdoors, drinking lots of coffee, and watching ghost shows with her friends.

Connect with her at jmallikconsulting.com.

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